The Top 5 SEO Mistakes By Google’s Matt Cutts

We often make millions SEO mistakes without knowing how it affects the business in terms of revenue loss. The following are some of the top 5 SEO mistakes according to Google Webmaster Guru known as Matt Cutts:

SEO Mistake #1: Bad Site Navigation

We often see that many of the marketing clients mainly visitors simply cannot find some of the most important information they often look for when doing their research. Most of the sites, often do not have the user interface that people often look for when doing their research on the internet. Whenever human beings navigate, they will always find hard times finding the information that they need to make the best information.

SEO Mistake #2: Poor Use of the Keywords

Keyword research is one of the important tips that you can use if you are doing your marketing online. This will always enable you make the best depending on the kind of information you need. Many people often use wrong keyword and this may give you hard times when doing your SEO on the internet. You have to make sure that people can assess information that they need when making these decisions in the market. Matt Cutts has said that developing a great content while using the words as well as phrases, which your probable visitors is one of the things that you can do increase the search query for people doing their search on the internet.

SEO Mistake #3: Focusing on the Link Building

Yes! Link building (a plan centered on the algorithm-centered content) has been pushed to the 3rd or the 4th priority for people using SEO. Remember that the top priority of many people is often to create of a nice and compelling website.
Your site should have something unique, helpful, and enjoyable. It should also answer some of the questions that people often ask themselves. It should also provide the solution to the potential problems of the people whenever they need it. In addition, it should be easy for your visitors to find those solutions and answers. This will always enable your guests to enjoy what you offer thus enabling you to build their trust in the long run.

SEO Mistake 4 #: Blowing the Titles and Descriptions

You have to make a good use of the page titles as well as descriptions if you want to attract those people who need to use the web while getting the information that they need about services. You have to remember that the descriptions are win-win investment that needs energy when helping the human searcher. The tittles and descriptions should help people make the best use when browsing on the internet.

SEO Mistake #5: Failure To Use Good Resources

Matt Cutts points out that the Google Webmaster Tools often neglect resource, but most of them often make the generic comment that gives poor understand of the whole message. We have many excellent options out there that people use to improve the basis SEO skills.
In conclusion, with solutions to the above top 5 SEO Mistakes, you will always improve your skills to an amazing height.

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